Core Values

The Karnataka State Open University came into being to achieve the following Core Values:

Core Values of University

The core values of the Karnataka State Open University are

Life long Learning: The University System fosters an environment that promotes a lifelong learning for its constituents and uses feedback from learners, academic peer, employers. Regulators and supporters to improve the quality of its teaching, learning and support. KSOU has a heterogeneous group of learners age of 18-80 years.

Quality: The University System holds a strong commitment to ]meet the bench mark determined by the regulators in all aspects of its learningactivities, learning outcomes, and support services including the extension pograms. It seeks to continuously strengthen the overall effectiveness of its operations.

Integrity: The University System conducts its operations and makes its public representations in an ethical manner. It assesses its operations in an open and collaborative manner and practices fairness, honesty, and objectivity in dealing with its constituencies.

Access: The University System seeks to broaden access to its higher education programs by all the segment of the society who wish to engage the organization in their learning goals.

Equity: The University system treat all the stake holders equally without any discrimination.

Collaboration: The University collaborates with recognized colleges, industries and institutions to provide access, skills, employability and capacity building among learners and thereby to achieve excellence in the university operations.

Accountability: The University is accountable to its constituencies and the public for fulfilling its mission in an appropriate manner by openly assessing its operations and by inviting external evaluations by public agencies.

Affordability: The university render the services at affordable price


Courses of KSOU are recognised by University Grants Commision (UGC) New-Delhi vide order No: F.No 4-1/2023 (DEB-III) Dated : 16th June 2023 for the period from 2023-24 to 2027-28

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