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The department of studies and Research in Urdu is one of the oldest departments in the University. The department comes under the School of Languages. The department made its beginning by offering Urdu as a language and optional for the under graduation level in 1969 and in the year 1984, the department extended its activities by offering M.A. Urdu, a two-year post graduate programme.

The scope of the department is multi-faceted with applications in various fields. Urdu literature is rich in its heritage and culture and holds tremendous scope and a bright future. The department provides quality education to the student/learner both at UG and PG levels. The study material designed by the department is in accordance with the university’s motto and is designed to benefit the student community interested in the subject by offering flexibility the mode of education offered is the open system of education which has proven to be a boon to interested students/learners who are no able to attend traditional colleges or educational institutions. The curriculum of the program in Urdu is developed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and job market requirement.


Imparting quality higher education and bringing students to the forefront in the fields of Hindi literature, language and research.


To impart relevant and high quality education to the students.

To inculcate to the values of Indian culture.

To impart knowledge in Language and Literature to learners and equip them with the skills to meet the challenges of the present day world.

To strengthen the institutional network for knowledge sharing and academic excellence.

To inculcate the individual social responsibility to meet the diverse need of society.

To impart quality higher education which drives the learners to be responsible citizens in Competitive World

To conduct capacity building programmes among learners in research and innovation

To conduct extension activities to promote Hindi language and literature

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