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About Cell

Learners support services are the most vital component of the university. It includes wide range of academic, evaluation, extension and other related activities. The support services should not only be responsive to the needs of the distance learners but also proactive. Hence, the University established Learner Welfare Centre to explicitly address the needs and grievances of the learners besides advising and guiding the learners who come with prospective enquiry about the academic programmes. Learners’ welfare shall be ensured by facilitating mechanisms like academic counselling, attending to queries, timely information, grievance-redressal and rewarding meritorious students. The University has created a better academic ambience for the learners who enjoy the academic experience which in turn enable them to be university ambassadors for its wellbeing. Following are the different forms of support extended to Learners:

• Prospective Students Support

• Existing Students Support

• Alumni Students Support

• Grievance Redressal Support

The centre is headed by the Director as head of the centre who is assisted by Assistant Registrar and other administrative staff. The Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of correspondence between the University Grants Commission, the University and Stakeholders.

Students with grievances and seeking information about academic programmes offered by the University and other aspects are advised to call the helpline-+91-8690544544 monitored by Learner Welfare Centre and also through e-mail: ksoulwc@gmail.com and directorlwcksou@gmail.com


• To create, facilitate and foster excellent learner support structures and services leading to holistic academic and personality development of the learners


Learner Welfare Centre of the University is informed by the following missions. They are aimed to:

• Identify the learners’ grievances: their nature, forms and phases

• Analyze and address the needs and experiences of the learners in pursuing academic programmes from the University.

• Create Learners’ sensitive, accessible, affordable and timely structures, practices and services to learners from the stage of admission to the stage of Examinations and receiving the certificates

• Advice the authorities in facilitating the coordination between the different wings of the University in offering effective and learner friendly services

• Establish and administer effective student help line to resolve learners grievances

• Conduct surveys and programmes-workshops, special lectures and seminars on the issues of learner welfare and satisfaction


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