Dr.Rama Manohara Lohia Study Chair


Karnataka State Open University established Ram Manohar Lohia Studies Chair in 2014 is one among the many Chairs in the University and country as well. Present Coordinator of the chair is Dr. V.M.Ramesh. The chair will organize various research and extension activities - seminars, conferences, workshops and special lecture series, in- order to impart knowledge about Lohia ideology and contribution to Secular Inida. Moreover, focus is given to the contemporary relevance of Lohia ideas on scientific temper, egalitarian society and rapid modernization of India. Lohia envisioned a strong, secular modern India with scientific advancement.

Vision :

1. To Incorporate Socialism Perspectives .

2. To create awareness of Secularism and equality

3. To produce and disseminate Equality and Egalitarian Society .

4. To Create Research Data Base on Lohia

Mission :

1. To inculcate scientific temper in an egalitarian society and modernized India.

2. To impart knowledge about Lohia Ideology and contribution to Modern India.

3. To disseminate among the younger generation the struggles and sacrifices of Lohia for India's Independence.

4. To focus on the contemporary relevance of Ram Manohar Lohia thoughts.

5. To illustrate Lohia as a role model for the younger generation.

6. These ideals and values need reiteration, inculcation and adoption in contemporary times for a harmonious living in a strong and secular India

Major Programs

1. To realize the aforesaid objectives, the Chair of Lohia Studies is engaging itself in a series of activities which include conducting National Seminars,

2. The activities of the Chair for Lohia Studies can broadly divided into the following major heads.

3. Lohia Lecture Series

4. Conducting National Seminars on Lohia Thoughts.

5. Establishment of a Documentation Resource Chair of Lohia Studies

Future plans of the Chair.

1. Chair working on Research Library and Data Bank on Lohia

2. Networking with other chair of Lohia Studies in the country holding periodic workshops and conferences.

3. Exhibition of Documents related to Lohia

4. Organising popular Lohia’s Lectures and National Seminars on Lohia and his ideology

5. Initiating projects related to Lohia studies.


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