Akkamahadevi Study Chair


Akkamahadevi, the first woman poet, is one of the prominent poets in Kannada. In her simple and beautiful verses, there are plenty of inspiration and role models for today's youth. To make the young generation aware about these, there is a need to conduct various programs all over the state and even outside. To create awareness about the contributions of Akkamahadevi, Akkamahadevi studies and research chair (peeta) has been established by the Karnataka State University in 2012

Akkamahadevi’s contributions are in the form of vachana. We can see in the Vachana era that the working class, especially the women class, recorded their rebellion against the oppression of them through literary expressions. Akka's role is highly significant in bringing a new spirit to the female community, which is shrunk by the worldly burdens and limitations imposed by the male society, and as an inspiration for their spiritual achievements.

Vision :

Promote the contribution of Akkamahadevi for betterment of society

Mission :

1.To launch academic programmes such as certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, open electives for UG, PG.

2.To conduct Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposium/ Special Lectures;

3.To create awareness about the contributions of the eminent personality in whose name the Chair is instituted;

4.To conduct research on the works of the eminent personality in whose name the Chair is instituted;

5.To publish the research works wherever considered necessary;

6.To Take up extension Activities

7.To perform other works connected with the best interest of the chair.


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