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Department of Studies and Research in Psychology in Karnataka State Open University was established in 2006 with the Bachelor‘s Degree Programme, and later Master Degree programme was started. It also offers the Doctoral programmme in Psychology. The Department offers the basic foundation papers in the undergraduate level and it is offering the specialized areas and branches of Psychology in the Master Degree Programme. The goal of the Department is to provide good quality education to equip the students to become Psychologists. It helps in developing the knowledge and skills of a professional Psychologist. It helps in developing the knowledge and skills for teaching at a college or University. It also prepares the students to acquire the knowledge and skills required to engage oneself in practice and in research within any specific area of Psychology. The Department has a well-established Laboratory, Classrooms, auditorium and research facilities. The learners are being introduced to the basic as well as the applied branches of Psychology. They would be learning the History of Psychology, its development, the Biological basis of behaviour, cognition, personality, motivation, emotions as courses which will equip them to further understand the specialization papers of Psychopathology, organizational Psychology, and Counselling Psychology. The learners will be carrying out a research activity in their degree which will be beneficial in introducing them towards the research area and also initiate them to pursue research after their Masters Programme. The theoretical knowledge, practical exposure and research knowledge in understanding human behaviour will make them confident about their competence in creating a Career in Psychology Field. The programme is offered in tune with mission of the University in terms of affordability, mass skill development and excellence. The Faculty members are competent and skilled in their respective specializations with their contributions in the research area. They have published several research articles in highly reputed journals and contributed with number of chapters for the text books. They have been contributing for the programme to be more meaning and fruitful for the learners. The teaching faculty has a wide range of experience with good academic credentials who give their best in training the students in the Distance Education mode.


Aspires to be the leader in training learners in the scientific study of behavior and Psychological processes and thereby create high professional Psychologists having potential to contribute to the society with their expertise, skills, knowledge and innovative problem solving ability with ethical values.


To contribute to the public understanding of Psychology and its implications.

To provide quality education in both theoretical and practical foundation in Psychology.

To nurture the students to become intellectually competent in studying human behaviour.

To equip the students gain a strong theoretical knowledge as a foundation to understand human behaviour.

To prepare students gain knowledge and skill set.

To cultivate the professional ethics, sense of social responsibility in students.

Chairperson : ​​Dr. S.Surma

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