Open Educational Resources (OER)

List Of Courses Offered As OER In The University

No Name Of Programme Department Year/Sem Course Code Title Of The Course Syllabus SLM
1 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 3 COURSE-3.2 COURSE-3.2 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY -III view view
2 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 3 COURSE:3.3 COURSE:3.3 - PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY-III view view
3 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 3 COURSE:3.4 COURSE:3.4 - BIO-ORGANIC AND BIO-PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY view view
4 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 4 COURSE:4.1 COURSE:4.1- INORGANIC CHEMISTRY -IV view view
5 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 4 COURSE:4.2 COURSE:4.2- ORGANIC CHEMISTRY -IV view view
6 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 4 COURSE:4.3 COURSE:4.3- PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY-IV view view
7 M.Sc Chemistry chemistry 4 COURSE:4.4 COURSE:4.4- BIO-ORGANIC CHEMISTRY view view
8 MSc. Computer Science computer science 2 COURSE-7 COURSE:7: ANALYSIS & DESIGN OF ALGORINTHMS view view
9 MSc. Computer Science computer science 2 COURSE:8 COURSE:8 -DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS view view
10 MSc. Computer Science computer science 2 COURSE-9 COURSE-9- LINUX INTERNALS view view


Courses of KSOU are recognised by University Grants Commision (UGC) New-Delhi vide order No: F.No 4-1/2023 (DEB-III) Dated : 16th June 2023 for the period from 2023-24 to 2027-28

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