National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

1 Minutes of the relevant BoS/ School Board / Academic Council for all programmes of university view
2 Minutes of relevant Academic Council/ School Board /BoS meetings for new programmes view
3 Minutes of relevant Academic Council/BoS meetings for revision of programmes view
4 List of courses that integrate crosscutting issues mentioned above view
5 Description of the courses which address Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values, Emerging Demographic changes and Professional Ethics in the Curricula view
6 Report of academic Counseling sessions view
7 List of evaluators view
8 Graduate Attributes / Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes view
9 Minutes of the Governing Council/ Syndicate/Board of Management / Academic Council/ Research Council related to research promotion policy adoption view
10 Web-link of research papers published view
11 Link of the funding agency website view
12 Initiatives taken by the institution view
13 Report of the event/ link to the material developed view
14 Minutes of the Governing Council/ Syndicate/Board of Management related to consultancy policy view
15 Brochures of the activities view
16 Activity Reports view
17 Report of achievements which led to institutional excellence view
18 Information / documents pertaining to leadership view
19 Perspective / Plan and deployment documents view
20 Minutes of the Governing Council / other relevant bodies for deployment / monitoring the deliverables view
21 Minutes of the meetings of various bodies / relevant committees view
22 Physical Infrastructure Facilities at Head Quarter view
23 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Facilities at Headquarter view
24 Physical infrastructure and ICT Facilities at Regional Centres view
25 Wi-Fi Agreement view
26 Financial Audit Report Internal view
27 Percentage of viewers (learners) to Transmission facilities of the Institution view
28 Library Automation Library is automated in using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) view
29 Facilities for media production - Facilities for audio, video and e-content development are available and are in use at the Institution. Audio- video and e-Content production facilities view
30 Frequency of updating of IT facilities – Frequency of IT facilities updated at the Headquarters and the Regional Centres of the Institution including website, online system, etc view
31 Implementation of e-governance in different areas of operation Areas of operation of Institution which has e-governance implementation view
32 Use of Radio for providing instruction view
33 Physical Infrastructure Facilities at Learner Support Centers view
34 List of Evaluators view
35 Credit Page view
36 Pre admission Counselling view
37 Curriculum of Post Graduate Programmes offered by the University view
38 Curriculum of Under Graduate Programmes offered by University view
39 New Programmes offered by University view
40 Curriculum Mapping of Post Graduate Programmes view
41 Curriculam Mapping of UG Programmes view
42 List of Beneficiaries in the University view
43 Efforts for Reaching the Unreached view
44 Material Dispatch Activities view
45 KSOU Act Book view
46 Deployment of Non-Teaching Staff including Reginal Centers view
47 Deployment of Teaching Staff view
48 Action Report Taken view
49 Participative Management view
50 Financial Audit Report External view
51 Statutes of Evaluation view
52 Meeting Photos view
53 Ordinances of all Programmes view
54 Feedback on Curricula & SLM view
55 Assignments of the Programme on offer view
56 Promotional Activities view
57 Special Learner Support Centres view
58 Organisation Structure view
59 Regulation CIQA view
60 School Statutes view
61 6.1.2 Summary Sheet view
62 5.1.5 Summary Sheet view
63 Curriculum of Post Graduate Programmes offered by the University view
64 Optimum utilization of resources view
65 Letters to Non-Academic staff attending administrative training programme view
66 Document on Promotion / CAS for teachers, other academic and non-academic staff view
67 Policy on Internal & External Audit Mechanism view
68 Recognition earned by full time teachers and other academics view
69 Structure of Programmes having Fieldwork Project / Internship view
70 Collaborative extension and outreach programme view
71 MOU's between KSOU and other Institutes view
72 Waste Management view
73 Celebration of National Festivals view
74 Weblinks view
75 Participation in extension activities view
76 Teachers Programmes List view
77 Workshop/Seminars conducted in innovative practices view
78 Scanned copy of statement of receipt view
79 Performance Appraisal Policy view
80 List of support services provided at Head Quarters, Regional Centres and Learner Support Centres view
81 Office Order - Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace view
82 Safety & Security at workplace view
83 Organizational Chart for Learner Support Centre view
84 Online Learner Satisfaction Survey regarding teaching-learning process view
85 Full-time teachers and other academics with Ph.D. view
86 Common Room view
87 Day Care Centre view
88 Lifts, Ramps and Other Amenities view
89 Annual gender sensitization action plan and related activities view
90 Ahalya Bhai Chair view
91 Appointment of Nodal Officer for Gender Champion in Educational Institution view
92 Gold medals for meritorious women candidates view
93 Internal Complaints committee view
94 Inauguration of women studies and research centre view
95 Key position given to women view
96 7.1.1 Summary Sheet view
97 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Activities For Recognition and Accreditation view
98 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA view
99 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Details of Workshop/Seminars organized view
100 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Initiatives for System based Research view
101 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Innovative practices implemented view
102 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Innovative practices implemented view
103 Monitoring of LSC's view
104 Solar, Sensor and LED Lights view
105 Water Conservation Facilities available in the Institute view
106 Institutionalizing the quality assurance through CIQA Programme Project Reports view
107 Programme project report 2018-19 view
108 Details of the revised Curricula/Syllabi of the programmes over the last five years view
109 Recognition of KSOU as online exam Centre by AICTE view
110 List of Learner Details view
111 List of Learners ( Only newly enrolled ) registered term end examination view
112 12 B Approval and Grant Letter view
113 6.2.1 Summary Sheet view
114 Constitutional Obligations view
115 Green Campus Initiatives view
116 Covid Related Activities view
117 Institution Social Responsibility view
118 Donation of Desks to Mandya University view
119 Academic and Administrative Audit Report view
120 Governing Council Minutes of CIQA 2019-20 view
121 Governing Council Minutes of Digital Library view
122 Governing Council Minutes of Feedback from Stakeholders view
123 Governing Council Minutes of Digital Initiatives view
124 Summary Sheet view
125 Programs and Course Outcomes view
126 Celebration of National and other Commemorative Festival view
127 Photos of National and other Commemorative Festivals view
128 Solid Waste, Liquid Waste Management or Waste Recycling System view
129 7.3.1 Summary Sheet view
130 KSOU Connect view
131 Minutes of Digital Evaluation view
132 Minutes of Digital Evaluation view
133 Participation in extension activities report view
134 3.1.2 Summary Sheet view
135 Brochure of Extension Activities view
136 Fees Concession to promote inclusion view
137 Reservation for the Underprivileged view
138 Security Measures view
139 Suggestions / Complaint Box view
140 Religious Festivals view
141 Sadbhavana Day view
142 Preachings of Mahatma Gandhiji view
143 Preachings of Swami Vivekananda view
144 7.1.8 Summary Sheet view
145 Pre-academic Counselling at Regional Centres view
146 7.2.1 Summary Sheet view
147 6.3.4 Training Orders view
148 Academic and Administrative External Audit Report view
149 List of Course that Integrate Crosscutting Issues view
151 Outcome Analysis view
152 Feedback Report view
153 6.5.2. Summary Sheet view
154 Program Structure view
155 FDP Certificates view
156 University Building Floor Plans view
157 List of Courses in the University for the year 2021-22 view
159 ERP Document view
160 Certificates view
161 Recognition earned by full time teachers and other academics view
162 List of courses offered in the University view
163 Evidence of Purchase view
164 Percentage of Financial support for faculty development view
165 Financial Assistance to Teaching Faculty view
166 Percentage of Financial support for faculty development view
167 Programme Organized For Professional Development view
168 Audio Programme view
169 Web links for Video Classes view
170 Graduated Learners 2019-20 to 2021-22 view
171 Digitized SLM Weblinks view
172 Scholarship Sanctioned for SC & ST Students view
173 Women Empowerment Scheme for the year 2020-22 view
174 Details of Students from Defense and Security Force view
175 IVR Call Centre log Report view
176 Transgender and Female Students view
177 Photographs of cleanliness drive and environment awareness campaign view
178 IVR Call Centre ( Evidence of Call Record ) view
179 Library books purchased details view
180 Sample Assignments view
181 Email Support view
182 Classrooms at LSC view
183 Classroom and Seminar Hall at Head Quarters view
184 Minutes of AC BOM for OER view
185 Number of courses being offered as MOOCs or using OERs to supplement the existing courses view
186 Percentage of Completion Status of UG and PG Degree Programmes view
187 Postal Communication view
188 Percentage of Completion Status of UG and PG Degree Programmes view
189 Online Help Desk view
190 Email Support view
191 Web Conference view
192 Inquiry Counter view
193 Reaching out persons with Disabilities(PWD) view
195 Implementation of CBCS view
196 Engineering Section Bills view
197 Rain water, STP and Other bills view
198 New Programmes offered by University view
199 Collaboration with Industries view
201 Collaborative Activities view
202 MOU's with MICA and LORA view
203 Addressing learners grievances view
204 Graduated learners enrolled in Alumni Association view
205 Newly enrolled learners progression for 2021-22 view
206 Total Learners Enrolled in 2018-19 view
207 Total Learners Enrolled in 2019-20 view
208 Total Learners Enrolled in 2020-21 view
209 Total Learners Enrolled in 2021-22 view
210 Newly enrolled students in 2018-19 view
211 Newly enrolled students in 2020-21 view
212 Newly enrolled students in 2021-22 view
213 Newly enrolled students in 2021-22 view
214 A Report on Analysis of Student Feedback view
215 Academic Counselling Services view
216 Revision of Programmes view
217 Use of LED bulbs and Sensor Bills view
218 Rain water harvesting bills view
219 Summary Sheet of Criteria 7.1 view
220 Certificates of the training Prgoramme view
221 Circulars and attendance of training Programme view
222 Number of Non-academic staff attend the training Programmes view


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