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The Department of Studies and Research in History was established in the late 1970’s under the aegis of the erstwhile ICC & CE. A premier institute of Correspondence Education of University of Mysore. The institute with its infrastructure including human resources was transformed into an independent KSOU in 1996. The faculties in the department could spread their wings into many courses including research. The M.A History is one of the most demanded courses in the country today as it develops the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes among the students understanding diverse in there and to prepare for competitive exams. The Department of Studies and Research in History is aims to prepare their students for the society at large. It seeks to enable them to handle the challenges of growth and transformation the postgraduates attributes encompass values related to well –being, emotional stability, through critical thinking, rational attitude, quality decision making, social justice and also skill/ employee ability. It is dedicated to developing the students into responsible citizens of the country with high moral values, understanding the problems of human relationships and developing a capacity to appreciate the finer values of life.


Impart in learners transferable skills, employability and intellectual curiosity along with raising public awareness about the past and its legacies through teaching/ research and service activities conducted locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


To provide quality higher education with special emphasis on History

To make learners aware of the past and its legacies through quality teaching and research activities

To imbibe attitude of civic moral and ethical values in both teaching and research

To portray the valuable contribution made by the administrators and celebrities in the historical period

To protect the historical records and spread the information to future generation.

To provide transferable skills through the societies, cultures and economic sectors a broad chronological and geographical spectral

Chairperson : ​​​Dr. V.M. Ramesha

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