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Geography is an integral part of educational system of the world at various levels. The discipline of Geography is among the most ancient of sciences deals with complex and dynamically changing earth. Over the years, the discoveries of new modern Geographies led to stupendous growth. Today Geography continues to flourish and expand in education. In order to live with sustainable environment and to solve the environmental problems, knowledge and skills of Geography has become indispensable. The M. Sc. in Geography by ODL system is of greater relevance as it meets the mission and goals of higher education institution. The program targets the mass learner at affordable cost besides enriching the moral, ethical and civil values. The curriculum is blended in such a way which is a parallel program of the conventional mode of education. The department of Geography was established in the year 2011 as one of the departments of School of Sciences and offers Master of Science in Geography and under graduation course. The department has qualified teaching staff, resource persons from other universities/institutes, well equipped class rooms and laboratories. The curriculum is designed such that it covers many aspects of geography which caters to employability in digital cartography, regional planning, resource management and teaching. Students also undergo training in basic experimental techniques required for both teaching and research. The Department also provides learners an exposure to research by including a dissertation research in the final semester to actively engage in research, by conducting independent research projects in the department.


Enhance the skills, techniques and competence of the learners with strong foundation of geographical ideas and concepts through multi-disciplinary approach.


To provide knowledge and skills of handling meteorological instruments and reading and interpretation of the maps through laboratory experience and field visits.

To create the environmental consciousness and awareness among learners in turn to spread same to mass to achieve sustainable environment.

To enhance the qualitative, quantitative and spatial techniques to excel in logical reasoning and decision making.

To promote the application and research attitude to enhance learners ability of analysing and decision making.

Chairperson : Dr. Y.P.Chandrashekara

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