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The Department of Studies and Research in Economics was established in the late 1970‘s under the aegis of the erstwhile ICC & CE. A premier institute of Correspondence Education of University of Mysore. The institute with its infrastructure including human resources was transformed into an independent KSOU in 1996. The faculties in the department could spread their wings into many courses including research. The M.A Economics is one of the most demanded courses in the country today as it develops the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes among the students for the successful handling of banking, economic analysis, trade and industry and competitive exams. The Department of Studies and Research in Economics works with an aim of fostering in the students an attitude of objective inquiry. The Department equips students with the latest developments in the field of current economic issues and challenges and trains them to apply the theory of economics in the practical application. It seeks to enable them to handle the challenges of growth and transformation of businesses through critical thinking, rational attitude and quality decision making. It is dedicated to developing the students into responsible citizens of the country with high moral values, understanding the problems of human relationships and developing a capacity to appreciate the finer values of life.


Impart the knowledge and required skill to the learners to take up an in depth investigation into the broad range of Economics at Regional, State, National and at International Level.


To sustain the contents and creativity besides stimulating proximity and participation.

To wake up the clienteles to the hard realities of life and the highly competitive scenario this is fast emerging and limiting the opportunities.

To strengthen the networking for knowledge sharing and academic excellence.

To make the learners responsible citizens in the community.

Nurture creativity, critical thinking, analysing ability of the students

To impart the learners with major economic concepts, issues and governmental programme and problems in its implementation

To enable learners to take proper decision from household management to the international business transaction

Chairperson : Dr. R.H.Pavithra

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