Center For Internal Qaulity Assurance (CIQA)

About CIQA

KSOU has established the Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) as per UGC Open & Distance Learning Regulations 2017 to maintain quality in the service provided to the stakeholders and to assure quality standards are maintained in all its academic and administrative activities. The main obligation of the CIQA is to develop and promote the importance of quality assurance in both academic and administrative areas, as well as to work out procedural details.

The committee for CIQA interacts with the stakeholders and initiates various measures to promote quality of services at every stage i.e. from the enrolment of students till they accomplish their goals in their academic pursuit.


To internalize and institutionalize realistic quality benchmarks and maintain them in all academic and administrative processes of the university to the highest satisfaction of stakeholders.


• To establish quality benchmarks that will result in the ongoing enhancement of all Academic and Administrative accomplishments at KSOU.

• To conduct academic and administrative audits on a regular basis.

• To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy, and transparency in all university processes through quality circles.

• Develop protocols for all activities and refine them based on feedback from stakeholders.

• Serve as the institution's focal point for coordinating quality-related activities, such as the adoption and dissemination of best practices.

• Organization of inter- and intra-institutional workshops and seminars on quality- related topics, as well as promotion of quality circles.

• Preparation and submission to NAAC of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) in accordance with NAAC's guidelines and parameters.


The primary objective of the Centre for Internal Quality Assurance is to develop and implement a comprehensive and dynamic internal quality assurance system to ensure that the Open and Distance Learning mode and Online mode programmes implemented by the University are of acceptable standards and are continuously improved.


The functions of Centre for Internal Quality Assurance include the following:

• To ensure the quality of the services offered to students.

• Conduct self-evaluation and self-reflection exercises for the continuous quality improvement of the University's diverse systems and procedures.

• Contribute to the identification of the major quality-maintaining areas for the University.

• Develop a mechanism to ensure that the quality of Open and Distance Learning and Online programmes is comparable to the quality of the corresponding conventional mode programmes.

• To create interaction and feedback systems with all stakeholders.

• Suggest steps for quality improvement to the University administration.

• Through frequent evaluations, assist the execution of its suggestions.

• To organise quality-related workshops, seminars, and symposia, secure the involvement of all stakeholders, and communicate the reports of such activities to all stakeholders.

• Develop and compile best practices in all areas leading to an improvement in the quality of services to students, and communicate them to all parties involved.

• To collect, compile, and publish accurate, comprehensive, and dependable programme quality statistics (s).

• Ensure that the Programme Project Report for each programme adheres to the University Grants Commission's standards and guidelines, and, where applicable, those of the appropriate regulatory entity with jurisdiction over the programme.

• Establish a process to guarantee the proper execution of Programme Project Reports.

• To preserve a record of the University's Annual Plans and Annual Reports, to periodically examine them, and to provide actionable reports.

• Contribute to the University's reform of programmes so that they are relevant to the labour market.

• Facilitate system-based research on methods to create a learner-centered environment and effect qualitative change throughout the system.

• Serve as the central coordinating unit for requesting assessment and accreditation from a specified accreditation authority, such as NAAC, etc.

• To take steps to ensure the internalisation and institutionalisation of quality improvement techniques via periodic accreditation and auditing.

• Coordinate between the University and the University Grants Commission on a variety of quality-related activities and recommendations.

• Acquire information from other Higher Education Institutions regarding various quality benchmarks or metrics and best practices.

• To document quality assurance operations in an annual report for the Centre for Internal Quality Assurance.

• To submit mandatory Reports to the University's Statutory Authorities regarding its activity.


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