Center For Innovation

Centre for Innovation is started at KSOU under the aegis of Research and Development Cell, KSOU in the year 2022 to promote innovation. It aims to create innovation, start-up & Entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Government of Karnataka has sanctioned 25 lakhs to start a centre of excellence in the Mandakalli campus of the University.

The centre for innovation encourages post graduate students and research scholars to take up innovative works. Innovative works of students and faculty members are identified.

The Goal of CIE is encouraging students & project teams to register at least 10 start-ups by end of 2025,

A nodal officer is appointed to promote the centre of innovation.

Nodal Officer: Dr Nataraju Angamswamy


Courses of KSOU are recognised by University Grants Commision (UGC) New-Delhi vide order No: F.No 4-1/2023 (DEB-III) Dated : 16th June 2023 for the period from 2023-24 to 2027-28

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