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Botany, also called plant science(s), plant biology or phytology, is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. The study of botany is not only relevant to botanists but also to anyone working with plants, from plant breeders through to nursery growers or agriculturists. Our ability to manage plants in horticulture, agriculture, forestry and for a better environment; are all dependent upon our knowledge of botany. An understanding of botany essentially underpins our society, and human well-being. This course contains the basis of plant science, and is an introduction to plant physiology and taxonomy, covering general botany including morphology and anatomy. People study this course so that they can be better farmers, gardeners, environmental managers and foresters; not to mention scientists, teachers and journalists. At the same time a plethora of job opportunities have been emanated for the formal graduates / post-graduates in the relevant fields. Therefore, this program is offered in the distance mode as a parallel to the programmes offered by conventional mode.

The focus of the Botany Department at Karnataka State Open University is on fundamental research and teaching on plant sciences, as well as the study of populations, communities, and ecosystems in which plants play a central role. Our faculty conducts fundamental and applied research pertinent to the state, the country, and the world. Included in this category are ecological disturbance, invasive species, symbiosis, global climate change, ecohydrology, forestry, and transgenics. Through exposure to these topics and tools and faculty participation in science education research, our students receive a high-quality education. Our department offers a B.Sc., and M.Sc., in Botany, and our faculty participates in a number of interdisciplinary degree programmes. Our strengths in research and teaching and participation in interdisciplinary activities at the university.


• To disseminate knowledge and skills to the learners and provide trained human resources, technologies, and products which improve and global well‐being through innovative plant science research and education.


• To encourage students independent learning and critical thinking, as well as their employability skills, which enrich their professions and communities

To generate new information and intellectual development in relation to tackling issues in the field of plant sciences.

• To enhance, through scholarly research, the understanding of plant systems as sustainable human resources, while protecting and enhancing environmental quality.

• To advance the scientific education and professional development of students, faculty, and post-doctoral scientists, and to enhance the public knowledge of the significance of modern plant science research to society.

• To educate, and graduate students of the highest calibre and to serve a diverse clientele by offering progressive education programmes and collaborating effectively with public and private partners.


• To provide an advanced learning of core principles and specialized knowledge in the field of botany/plant sciences.

• To pursue an efficient and less expensive option to acquire or update knowledge in botany for qualified and willing learners.

• To familiarize the students with necessary laboratory techniques and tools of plant sciences and provide an exposure in research, analytical and presentational skills.

• To acquire competency by adopting advanced scientific methods and exposure in practical and other research skills.

• To train the learners with appropriate critical thinking and problem-solving skills and aptitude for taking up various plant-science related job opportunities.


• To enable the learners to acquire a body of knowledge in botany so that they learn, practice and apply this knowledge/skill for their productive careers.

• To establish comprehensive fundamentals of the program to prepare them to advanced study in specialized botanical and other interdisciplinary courses.

• To enhance scholarship and research potential of the learners by encouraging them to familiarize cognate subjects of botany like biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology etc.

• To train the learners to be independent and creative to gain required competence for the competitive and ever changing job opportunities.

Expected Programme Outcomes

• To acquire, update, refresh, relearn and enrich the existing knowledge so as to produce outcomes of comparable quality with on-campus programs.

• To produce well qualified and competent human resources in the field of botany and allied subjects with classical and corporate responsibility.

• To empower multiple competencies and adding quality dimension to learner’s knowledge.

• To provide required workforce for research and development laboratories of hospitals, organizations, pharmaceutical & chemical industries, and teaching.

Chairperson : ​​ Dr. Niranjan Raj. S

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